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June 30, 2009

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State of Oregon Notary Listing, Linn County, Albany Oregon Craig Solomon





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Telephone:  541.223.5354


Fax: 541.928.7172 (24/7)


Email: info@shipping-annex.com or info@albanynotary.com or info@mobile-notary.com


Postal Address:

PO Box 682

Albany, OR 97321


Message Line 541.223.5354


Note:  Our minimum base rate for Mobile Title / Mortgage Closing is $150.00 for any closing within 15 miles. This fee includes printing of all e-Docs and travel.  Double closings, closing that require more than two signers, closings further than 15 miles, closings after 7pm, closings on a weekend or holiday, closing with incomplete docs, or any closing that will take more than 45 minutes is subject to additional fees.  Also as of 4/2008 due to delinquent payments, all mobile closings must be paid within 14-days of our completion of the project. We will no longer accept projects from SoxUSA or Pinnacle Mortgage due to delinquent or lack of payment.  


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